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Over view on the XL Ratings

Couple of Nice big returns in the last few days.

Tuesday,5th January 2016: $1,440.00 Trifecta, and $25.20 Winner in Australia


Yesterday 6th January, 2016 in New Zealand a $4,641.00 Top 4


within 24 hours nice returns..

And today... $7,000 Top 4


You still with us?


The ratings are excellent even if we do say so. To do them manually to cover the meetings the software does would take you all day.

Great news, the software does it is a minute or so.


Here are some Australian results since the software was finished. However there are many ways to use them.


You can see all the bets for Australia Here

Here is an example of the Top Rated, unfiltered Selection Sunday 26th July, 2015



We have now got the ratings working for all day meetings, in the UK, and a few races for evening meetings.

This is only one way to bet them, there are many ways to use them.


Betting Top Rated Priced between 2.00 and 5.00 UK Only.

Last 17 days; 78 Bets, 38 winners

Profit 45.05; ROI 57%


Plus other ways to use it also.


All the Top Rated Horses for 7th August, 2015

No filters just the top rated.

Win Market: 19 points after 5% commission, Place 7 points.


See the UK Ratings summary Click Here Results Up to 6th January, 2016


Many ways to use the ratings, including the exotics.


And these ratings, produce excellent results, if you are a Win Back Bettor, then you are in luck, if you want to bet exotic bets like Top 4, trifecta (Top 3), quinella (Top 2) these ratings do that also.

In the last three days, I have seen in Australian racing 3 Top 4 results in 4 race meetings, returning over $5,500 (total 32 races). And Trifectas also.

These top 4 bets cost $24.00 for a full price return, as shown. But you can on most betting outlets get a percentage of the 24.00 bet, say you can say I will have 5.00 bet on the top 4 horses, and you will get around 21% of the payout.



And Singapore the 19th July, 2015

The above, Trifecta bet was a $12.00 bet for $242.90 return.


Below is the South African race that was run yesterday (20th July, 2015),

This is showing a 9 race card, of which 3 races had little form, so were not considered.

The above examples are from three countries, Singapore, South Africa, and Australia.

See more on Australia Click Here

See More On UK and Ireland Click Here




What are, and how do I get them?

The ratings are delivered in a software that seats on your computer or (VPS), you need a windows based operating system.

The ratings are available two days in advance, so you get time to digest the ratings and playable races.

Each race is delivered in an easy to read format, see below. Plus it can be saved in excel (if you have that on your PC).

Above is a UK race, as as mentioned above, you can see the race time is in Australian time zone, as is the prize money. However the ratings are not affected by this.

Tab = Horse Number, Form = last starts placings, Horse= Name, Jockey= Name, Rating= XL Form Rating, Rank = highest to lowest ranked horse.

In the How to bet the ratings, you can see that the most important columns are the last two.

The above race is what we would call a "playable race", there is plenty of form exposed, and the ratings for the horses are above the 180 mark we consider to be worth backing.

You can download the manual and how to bet the ratings below, if you wish to read more.


You can download the Manual and Strategies pdf NOW.

Just pop your best email address in the box below, and it's yours.


Thanks, send the Manual here please.



We are selling 50 of the ratings software at the special early bird prices, then we will increase

the price, so if you order early, you lock in the price, for renewals later!



Licence is for 1 Computer Only.

and 12 months use.

For Window Based Computers Only.

Can be used on Windows based VPN also.

Limited Numbers

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($208.00 Aussie approx)

Around 27p a day!!

Bet these all year round.



Licence is for 1 Computer Only.

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For Window Based Computers Only.

Can be used on Windows based VPN also.

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($145.00 Aussie approx)

Around 39p a day!!

Bet these all year round.






Please "Gamble Responsibly" http://www.gambleaware.co.uk/ 

Gambling is risky, do not bet with money you cannot afford to lose and be sure you understand what you will need to spend in order to get the returns indicated.


If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?

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